RF Design Services

RF Frontend is a professional RF design service company with a team of dedicated design engineers focused on RF frontend design, antenna design and the digital and software development. RF Frontend works with its customers from concept through to volume production, providing a turnkey design service including certification.
RF Frontend is engaged in JDM (Joint Design Manufacturing), providing customers with an end to end product design process - from electrical/ mechanical design to integration, and characterization to prototype manufacturing. To guarantee a fast order processing, we have our own workshop with Multilayer PCB production for high frequency materials as well as for standard FR4.
In addition to our own measurement capabilities in our lab, we have access to advanced measurement capabilities from our partners.

Our services:

  • Development and Design 
  • Production
  • Procurement
  • Product supply
  • Process optimization
  • Innovative RF frontends
  • Testing / Type approval

Looking for an RF Design Partner?

RF Frontend provides the following principal services:

RF Frontend provides a full in-house prototyping and design validation service for its designs, supported by extensive fabrication and test facilities  - including a multilayer PCB fabrication line, CNC mechanical processing, Anechoic antenna characterization facility and network processing equipment.
Confidentiality of Intellectual Property is a key priority for our discerning clients, which is being assured by our in-house design, prototype and validation service.
We utilize a full set of professional CAD and EM simulation tools during our design process, enabling us to rapidly optimize our designs while providing predictable results prior to the realization of prototypes .
We are flexible enough to provide a full end to end design service from simulation through to prototype delivery, or anything in between. In short, RF Frontend is a flexible and trusted development partner capable of managing complex development projects, with advanced in house design and fabrication capability.